Photo by Kerrie Pacholli

Chronicle 106 – Final Curtain Call

By Simon Barnett

Photos by Kerrie Pacholli

Chronicle 106, is now on show at the Carlisle Street Arts Space with works by the artists from 106 Barkly Street St Kilda. This creative community has celebrated a long history and was one of the first communities of its type in Melbourne.

Established in mid-1990’s, the owner of the property wanted to dedicate the building to the arts and 60 artists originally applied for 15 studios. Since then, more than 200 artists have taken up residence there including filmmakers and writers and others working across a range of media.

That is all going to change soon since the building has been given approval for re-development last year and the artists will eventually be given notice to leave.

Chronicle 106 is about showcasing the works by the current artists while celebrating the long history of this creative community. Artists, filmmakers and writers, hailing from diverse cultural backgrounds, have produced works in a range of media, including illustration, sculpture, painting, digital art, mixed media, poetry and film.

The Chronicle 106 is the brain child of Louise Chen. Louisa Scott from the City of Port Phillip is the Curator of the Carlisle Street Arts Space, who specializes in all aspects of developing and promoting exhibitions in the gallery which is located in the St Kilda Town Hall. 

The exhibition contains the works from artists; Anthony Breslin, Alex Numerološki, Cindy Rodriguez, Josie Wadelton, Josephine Richards, Heidi Knoepfli, Katrina Mathers, Helen Gries, Ivan Sun, Maria Leonard, Ruv and Alex Nemiro, Sebastion Steensen, Tamar Dolev and Ulises Resendiz.

Councillor Louise Crawford, who attended the launch, said, “This is a local art space, and you know as much as we can, we want to showcase the exceptional talent that lives in our community … it’s more than just the art, it’s about the community and art collectors and how important they are to the city.”

Chronicle 106 has a meet the artists event on tonight (Thursday 20th) from 5 to 7 pm at the Carlisle Street Arts Space in the St Kilda Town Hall

The exhibition runs to the 4 March 2020.


City of Port Phillip

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