Past Events

September 2018

Supported by Creative Victoria the St Kilda Arts Community launched their third art crawl last September 2018 kicking off with a special event at St Kilda’s iconic Palais Theatre.

MC Tony Bolton and comedienne Nikki Osborne hosted the fun filled evening with Bernadene Voss the Mayor of the City of Port Phillip as keynote speaker. The Mayor was joined by Cr Ogy Simic and Cr Marcus Pearl in celebrating and endorsing the official launch of St Kilda Arts Alive Sept 2018 art crawl.

The view of the St Kilda art scene over the weekend was more intimate than in previous art crawls with most of the activities happening within the established art galleries, where art enthusiasts met and engaged with the participating artists.

A first for the arts community, a stage was erected in the Acland Street Mall at the Barkly Street end to showcase local and visiting talent. The stage was setup Friday afternoon with Planetary Healing presenting a multi-cultural celebration for the International Day of Peace.

Saturday continued with a variety of artist demonstrating their techniques and showing their work. There was face painting by the Body Gallery and preview performance from Carol Ann Gill’s Pantomime production ‘The Frog Prince’, followed by a DJ till the finish. The Stage attracted up to 150 on Saturday and Sunday’s music captured around 500 listeners from late morning to late afternoon.

The marketing and PR campaign was shared Milkk PR achieving radio talkback, half a page in the Herald Sun and Leader newspapers as well as an extensive social media campaign on St Kilda Arts Community Instagram and Facebook by Final Glitch. This extra publicity drive added to the 30,000 maps distributed to 20 suburbs with 4,500 distributed to all St Kilda venues and local outlets. Most venues said they ran out of maps. Overall it has been estimated that there were between 1,800 and 2,000 participants with an increase of around 25% from the May 2018 art crawl.

Policy values the positive influence of art and culture as a fertile way to energize St Kilda and State and local governments are keen to support the creative endeavours of organizations like the St Kilda Arts Community, a non-for profit managed by a small and dedicated team of volunteers.

May 2018

It has been estimated that there were around 1,500 people who participated in the May St Kilda Art Crawl from Thursday night to Sunday. A few venues stated that their numbers were well up from normal. Nearly all the galleries involved said they did well including the small galleries who said they gained new potential clients and leads.

Although the May crawl was smaller (32 venues) than last September, the people who went on the crawl increased approximately 50 to 60% and this was confirmed by the larger galleries.

The difference in May was very little advertising was done but there were 20,000 maps printed/distributed two weeks before the event where in September 2017 there was more advertising and social media and 8,000 maps that were distributed a week before the event. Only a third of the last September crawl budget was spent on the May art crawl.

The May St Kilda Art Crawl was launched on Thursday with 37 participating venues and businesses showing tremendous community support. There were 32 venues on the map and over a 100 artists showcasing the best in St Kilda.

Thursday 24 was the opening of the St Kilda Art Crawl at the Vineyard Restaurant where up to 70 guests enjoyed the entertainment with special guests Frank Howson, Serge Thomann and entertainment from Eclectica and Steve Lucas.

Many venues were very busy over the weekend particularly on Saturday. The measure of people on the art crawl has been estimated at around 1,500 people. Our calculations show an approximate increase of 50 to 60 percent of people on the Art Crawl compared to last year.

September 2017

The St Kilda Art Crawl was launched in St Kilda in September 21 and featured many venues and artists from many walks of life. In fact there was a total of 37 venues, 11 stages and more than 60 artists showcasing the best in St Kilda.

In Fitzroy St, there were three pop up galleries (7, 11 and 33 Fitzroy St) for the duration of the crawl where they were setup as galleries and entertainment spaces.

Thursday 21 was the launch at the Vineyard Restaurant which one of the first sponsors of the charity and a big supporter of the arts. Launched by the Deputy Mayor, over 220 guests were served with delicious Vineyard savouries and wine, and were entertained with poetry and live music. The entertainment continued free to the public from 8pm till late in the night. 

The other events sponsored by the St Kilda Arts Community Inc. were Fridays night at the Bowlo (St Kilda Sports Club) where four bands entertained over 150 people (St Kilda Rocks). The Espy which opened for the weekend, saw around 400 people rock away Saturday night and laugh themselves silly Sunday Afternoon with more than ten well known comedians.

During the weekend, most galleries noted an increase of visitors between 10 to 15 percent such as the Laneway Gallery, Temperature Vermillion, Pumpkin Lane Gallery and Catherine Hiller and most of them sold art.   

Christ Church and Punchinello which were pop up galleries and had collectively around 250 to 300 people walk through and both of them sold art. 

Many venues said their numbers were up (some slightly) but could not attribute it to the art crawl. Others said numbers varied on Saturday and Sunday such as the Titi Arts Café which said they had 20 people on Sunday but half that on Saturday. ILANEL Design Studio said they had 30 on Saturday and two on Sunday.

#HAPPY FoLK, Claypots (Barkly St), Surabaya Johnny’s, Maureen Williams Glass and Masters all noted an increase whether small or medium. The Shakespeare Grove and Vegout out were only open Saturday and had a modest number of people go through.

On average, there was an increase of 28 to 35 people during the art crawl for each venue and if that is added to the numbers at the launch, the St Kilda Sports Club (Bowlo) and the Espy events, the total is just over 2,000 people. All the venues that have been spoken to (to date) have indicated that they wish to be involved in the next art crawl and many are planning how to improve themselves for the next event. Other venues have stated they wish to be involved in the next event.

Other venues were; the Palais Theatre, Beachcomber, Rebublica, Lady Grange, Dogs Bar, Claypots Seafood Express, Arch.Angle.Studios, Phonies, Sorci e Morsi, 95 Espresso, Greeves St Project, Townhall Gallery (only open Friday), Victor 4dverse, Art Studio 106 and Store