Kristen Condon, Frank Howson & Darcy Taylor THE ACTRESS at Cracked Actors Theatre

“THE ACTRESS” by Frank Howson at Cracked Actors Theatre

Text & images by Kerrie Pacholli

Darcii Taylor & Kristen Condon in ‘THE ACTRESS’ at Cracked Actors Theatre

I first met Frank Howson back in 2013 whilst he was working on “Chopper the Musical.” He had partnered up with long time collaborator and musical virtuoso Warren Wills to produce film clips of four songs written by Frank. I was there performing paparazzi duties for a Diva friend of mine and was warmly welcomed by all. 

Over what appeared to be about a week (perhaps longer)  I had witnessed, photographed and filmed Frank and Warren pull together vocal and performance pearls from a cast of about 10 seasoned professional singers. From first meet rehearsal, to recording studio, to the film set, to live performance for media at Old Melbourne Jail.

Job done, video clips in circulation.

Lucy Gale, Simon Palomares, Mick Pealing and Kelly Auty in “Chopper the Musical”

It was extraordinary and very inspirational to witness what appeared to be streamlined coordination, co-operation and collaboration. 

Looking at his wikipedia profile and various articles in public circulation I feel perhaps Frank Howson has achieved most of what a writer, actor, painter, poet, director and producer would want to achieve in a life.  Yet life still goes on.

Darcii Taylor, Kristen Condon & Frank Howson at Cracked Actors Theatre

When I think of Frank Howson I think artist. He presents as an unbridled, complex and Interesting fella to say the least. 

Darcii Taylor & Kristen Condon in “THE ACTRESS’ at Cracked Actors Theatre

So, I was easily lured to a preview performance of  ”THE ACTRESS” starring Kristen Condon & Darcii Taylor.  A reading of a new short play from Frank Howson at Cracked Actors Theatre, Level 1 , 34 Lakeside Drive Albert Park. And, of course I was on photography duties. 

“THE ACTRESS” is a brutally forthright exchange between two driven souls. The ambitious producer and the potential star of her first self budgetted feature film.

It is a very entertaining short, sharp insight into the intoxicating and coercive realms of show biz.

Darcii Taylor & Kristen Condon in “THE ACTRESS” by Frank Howson

The except of this scene is set in an empty, poorly serviced cafe somewhere…in imagination land.


Now, Mildred, tell me about my character in your film. 


She’s a very confused woman, bored with the world and everyone in it. Vain…Arrogant…Rude…Self-Obsessed…Calculating…Manipulative…Chip-on-her-shoulder…Angry…Self-Destructive…Very beautiful…and a slut. 


Well it’s going to be a stretch but I’ll give it a go. 




Wow to you too. 


I’m so excited! 


I can tell. Well, let’s not waste all that unbridled excitement huh? Listen, we’re not going to be served here. What’s say you come back to my place and go down on me? 



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